Thursday, December 21, 2006

off we go......

Off we go to India. It's 3 days away and I can't wait. It'll be family, friends, food and fun time. We've packed 4 bags and couple carry ons. Hopefully the crazy Indian airport people won't haggle us for money or to open our bags. That's my biggest fear... but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Oh the food.... My belly and my heart are waiting to eat all the delicious foods. My heart's telling me this will be a great trip but the food will make me contempt because it's homemade food. We plan to eat the street vendor food, pakoras (fritters), khichadi (rice porridge), dahi vaadas (fritters made from lentils and yogurt), manchurian, Subway sandwich with Paneer and the list goes on and on.... (maybe I'll smuggle some back)

We're taking lots of gifts for everyone and bringing back just as much. The key difference is I'm taking a lot of junk, okay maybe not exactly junk per se, things that people want that is not useful here and bringing back hand sewn draperies, knicks knacks for the house, pillow cases and fun accessories to make my house even more pretty.

The husbad is excited. Finally. It's about damn time. He's so mellow; when I asked last week if he was ready to go, he said he wasn't sure yet. Crazy, I know. But this morning before leaving for work- we both agreed it's thrilling that it's almost here. We're leaving Monday but today and Monday don't count so that leaves 3 days. Bad math but it makes it more fun this way.

Have a great holiday and happy new year. If possible I'll blog about my trip while in India.

Monday, December 18, 2006

the joy of packing

this weekend was short and sweet. Friday we went out to eat at a fabulous mexican restaurant that serves wonderful food with a side of spanish tutors. Our server was a tiny Mexicana that wanted to teach the husband Spanish. By the end of dinner he learned enough to say "un burrito de pollo grande" which is what he ordered for dinner. Outside of our broken Spanish session, the food was scrumptious.

Saturday was absorbed in packing for India. It also marked an end to our shopping spree for gifts. We have 2 carry ons that we'll pack this week but other than those we are done! (India's one week away and I'm really excited. so excited that I can barely contain myself. It'll be a great time to spend with family.)

After all the packing, we went to a holiday party hosted by his company. The party was great, food wasn't. We chatted with everyone and caught up with people we hadn't seen in a while. After dinner, along with other wives, I was a little naughty and took couple shots and started feeling tipsy in no time. That lasted a good couple hours before the shots started again. The second go round, I was drunk. Fortunately I wasn't the only one that drank as much as I did. The original plan was for him to drink and for me to be DD... funny how things turned out.... I learned my lesson and I don't think it'll happen again, especially in front of coworkers. I don't think anyone minded because they were all in the same state of mind but I was and still am a little embarrassed with myself.

Sunday was recovery day. As you know, when you drink that much the next day is shot for recouping. We went to Chipotle with S & N and then came home to a long nap. It was much needed since my body hated me for the previous night. After waking up, I made the dough for my
cookies that I'm giving away for the holidays.

After dinner we went to see Festival of Lights at the Zoo with S & N. That was marvellous and worth our Sunday evening. The husband complained about forgetting his new toy at home, the handy cam.

For tonight's dinner, we're going to K's house and I told her I'd bring dessert. A great way to pack holiday presents and share, I rolled and baked the cookies this morning. A little bit of a hassle to have to get up at 5:30am to bake but hopefully it's well worth the effort.