Saturday, November 04, 2006

walk, walk for the children

Today was a wonderful day for a brisk walk, though it wasn't brisk per say. It was 5 miles all in all for Cincinnati Children's Hospital. It was enjoyable because friends like V, K and of course MG were there. A month ago I donated money to the fund raiser through A's email and didn't think much of it. Thereafter I received a pleasant email from MG asking for a donation and/or to walk for the event. The email was very inspiring as anything that MG is involved in usually is, so I decided to walk. I asked K and as always she was a good sport, as per V and the husband they were hard to convince. I had to guilt trip V into coming and he agreed. The husband was planning to come and "support" the walkers by standing on the sidelines. When he realized he would be the only one, he reconsidered. Thankfully the weather was also nice for a November weekend. Chilly at first but we all warmed up from the walking and the sun came out. We walked 5 miles, ate pizza, munched on some cookies and socialized. I had a great time and will plan to do it again next year, maybe. I have a feeling both the husband and I (as well as everyone else) will be sore tomorrow due to the lack of exercise in our daily routine. Regardless it was well worth it.

We met MG's mom that's visiting from the Philippines. She's tinier than MG if that's possible but has a big personality. MG's planning a dinner for Friday so it'll be fun to spend some one on one time with her.

After the walk, I came home and crashed. E and I were planning to go clothes shopping but D took her mattress shopping. (uhh, who does that on a saturday?) I napped for 3 hours and felt refreshed. We just finished Monster-in-law, the movie; don't watch it! I expected it to be a so-so movie because it didn't have great reviews but I still had a dash of hope. Next movie will be Mr. and Mrs. Smith (one of those other movies that I don't care to see but since the husband brought it, I won't complain).

For now it's time to get some food ready for the table and our hungry bellies.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's November 1st, already

So this morning, I woke up freaking out because it's already November. Not bad freaking out though freaking out isn't good either. Just shocked that so much time has passed so fast. I can't say that I recall staying home any weekends in August, September and October. It was a lot of fun while it lasted though now we have to start getting busy with overdue work. November means it's close to our anniversary, thanksgiving and our trip to India............ yikes. oh the shopping... let the dreaded shopping re-begin..

I still have so much shopping and packing left for the trip. I am already overwhelmed. I love shopping but shopping for others is definitely not my forte b/c I don't know what to get for people. My in laws told me to get anything and everything for the kids. well that sounds like a great way to pack couple bags, if I knew what kids liked or wanted. I don't have kids and haven't spent more than couple hours with them to know what to get; let alone fill 2 giant suitcases for India. We bought clothes and toys, the obvious answers but now we're stuck. I told them to send me a list but unfortunately they don't know what America has to offer kids so they can't come up with a specific list.... what a dilemma...

I must say, I am really excited to spend some time with his family. The weather isn't so great these past few days. It's cloudy, rainy at times, kinda ewwy which never makes for a good work week. I am really glad it's Wednesday and not Monday. Work's been ehhhhh... A lot of pressure from here and there, with this and that deadlines but I'm managing, I think. A little stressed and overwhelmed at times but it wouldn't be work without it.