Friday, January 04, 2008

I am back

Shocking, right? Well it is the beginning of a new year and it calls for making resolutions. You know, the cliche of it all is everyone attempts to keep them but very few are successful. Like last year I resolved to give up drinking. yes, drinking! HA! Laugh all you want 'cuz I did too. That lasted all of of 3 weeks.

However this year, it's different. It's a new beginning and I, like many of you new year's resolution makers, hope to keep the two I have: drop couple pounds and blog regularly. I have lots of great stories to share about 2007 so blogging will keep me busy. As for dropping couple pounds, I know I am on my own. I need to figure out ways to be more motivated! Maybe blogging while exercising? nevermind.... I have 2 big weddings to attend this year, you would think that's enough of an incentive for my lazy ass. We'll see...

My second post for 2008 will be about our wonderful trip to California. I will blog chronologically, starting with the most recent trip, to share wonderful food stories from our 2007 trips.