Wednesday, March 22, 2006

my birthday present from him

My wonderful husband bought me tickets to go see Coldplay for my birthday. He really took the time to plan for this one. We left at 2 on Monday, 3/20, and reached A's house for a break and dinner. We ate at Cafe 56 and headed to the Arena at 7:30. As the security walked us to our seats, I was screaming, hugging, kissing, and jumping up and down because we were 15 rows from the stage. I was going to be that much closer to Chris serenading to me. When we arrived Richard Ashcroft, he’s famous for Sweet Symphony, was performing. Funny guy, made jokes about how the president was visiting Cleveland and screwed with his plan. (and I screamed, BUSH SUCKS, as he does!! Mind you, if given the opportunity to bash the president, I am there!) Ashcroft was on for 45 minutes and thereafter Coldplay crew set up the stage. I don't think I've ever been so excited to hear Coldplay. When the music started, everyone cheered, screamed, jumped up and down, myself included. Towards the end of ‘til kingdom come, he dedicated the song to Johnny Cash because they were supposed to have a duet together before his passing. After the dedication he said “I wrote ‘til kingdom come for Johnny Cash, as June wrote this for him” and sang part of Ring of fire. Everyone was surprised and impressed at how well he sang it.

Overall, the show was worth seeing. They write and play great music and of course Chris Martin is a good looking man. After seeing them live last year at HFStival, I knew I would make it a point to see them again, live. Words will never describe how thankful I am to the husband for a wonderful gift.

With the overwhelming love he shows me, this is nothing for him, but means the world to me. Thanks, I love you!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

friends, family and fun

This has been long overdue for me. I have wanted and needed to blog and vent for days but haven't had the chance to, so here I am. While I was visiting DC last week, my college made it to the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and even to the Final four. That was one of the most exciting things that could happen because they were an underdog. No one expected them to make it to the the Final Four so when they beat a top ranked school, everyone was shocked. I watched the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games at friends place in VA and had the best time of my life. A, one of TB's close friends, had a house party at his place for one of the games and that was fun.

It amazes me that I've had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people during college. AV was awesome, as always. Looked gorgeous as she always does but even more so because she had this aura about her. I am not sure if it was her or if it was her gloating about having a wonderful bf glued to her the whole time we were there. I couldn't think about AV without thinking about V. My entire week with TB was worthy and unforgettable. She has an excellent apartment in the city and works couple blocks away. I am truly happy for her and pleased to say that this is just the beginning of many of her great adventures to come. She hosted like a great friend she is, and treated me to some delicious food. She treated me to good pizza and that's more than I could have asked for. She's one of the greatest people I know and I am very proud and fortunate to have a friend like her. There are some people that make life worth living; she is certainly one of them. I guess at this point, anyone else would say what are good friends for. Now it's her turn to come visit and I hope she comes soon.

I met up with the some other girls at a bad FRANCHISED restaurant on the Baltimore Harbor. The restaurant has no class and the food is probably worse than fast food. The name rhymes with sleazecake factory. Ahh what a horrible experience. I can't believe I was forced to go there. I had a suggestion to go to a tapas place, directly above this restaurant. They offered lots of vegetarian options and she wouldn't have had any trouble but of course she didn't budge. The dinner was okay, just okay. Outside of that, I had a great time with all the friends. One friend in particular has lost more weight than normal and I don't necessarily agree with it, but she didn't want others' opinions. Sometimes for people that are so stubborn, you have to allow them to be left alone until they learn on their own that anorexia is a disease.

I was able to spend time with my cute little nephew and that was great. He's growing up so much, so fast; time flies when it comes to little kids growing up. The last time I saw him, it was his first birthday. That was fun, but at the time he was much more whinier, crankier, needy, and loud. Now he's walking or in this case, running everywhere, wants to be his own person, won't allow anyone to feed him, needs 'alone' time. My sister told the doctor the changes everyone sees in him and the doctor clarified that this is the time when kids feel mature and want to be their own person. I hope my sister takes something away from that lesson and lets my nephew make some of his own choices, allows him to eat his own food, play on his own.

After some great days in DC, I headed north, to South Jersey better known as dirty jersey. I made a trip out there for couple days to spend some time with my parents. Ever since Christmas (which was the last time we saw them) they kept asking me about visting them. Spending time with them was fun but being away from the husband for so long was taking its toll on me. I missed him. It was the first time we had been apart since we moved in together so I was ready to be home again. I have a wonderful house here, my space and I was ready to be in it again.

The journey was long from NJ to home but worth it. I reminisced about my trip. I also had my Sirius radio with me so that helped. Listened to some really good music for long long time. One song that sticks out in my head is "be gentle with me" I had never heard of Boy Least Likely to.