Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am tired- break

I am behind, in life. There is a lot going on with my day time job, volunteering, once a month cooking club, house decorating, and trying to live. I enjoy all of the above but since I am also a busy body or try to be, I forget that I can't handle all of it at once, mentally and physically. And if that wasn't enough, I am part timing at a small restaurant in the evening hours. This was to pursue my dream to own my little restaurant or coffee shop. I've never worked at a restaurant, besides Subway, and decided I must start now. The corporate slaving is alright but cooking and owning a business is where my heart belongs. I try to eat out on days when I’m too tired to do anything but I think that’s made it worse. Because I am doing everything all at once and don't give myself time to cook, I am more cranky. I hope all that goes away now that the weather is nicer. *keeping my fingers crossed*

Has anyone been in this situation before? What is one to do? How do you prioritize?

I am taking a blogging break for few days. This weekend will be used to recoup. Though I won’t blog for few days, I'll definitely browse my favorite blogs so keep posting!