Monday, February 26, 2007

global warming- let's do something

Most of us have either seen the inconvenient truth or have a slight idea of what it's about. For those of you that are unaware, two words: global warming. If you've seen the movie than you understand when I say, let's do something. We must want to do something different, change the daily lifestyle to help save the environment, appreciate Earth a little more and show factual information to the stubborn ones. If research proves that global warming is happening then why isn't there an organized effort to get the word out? As I view it, the social issues that matter the most aren't taken seriously. Their aren't enough people rallying behind the movement to educate others that are not aware of the problem. Unfortunately we're too deep in this problem to ignore the problem. It boggles my mind that people feel that Earth as old as it is and it's really old, should be taken for granted. And how is it okay to wipe all the species and resources off the planet because we were not careful? Our children and future generations deserve to live a healthy, worry-less but cautious life. They must have a chance to rip the benefits of Earth and all that it has given us in our lifetimes.

I recycle, avoid driving if I don't have to, lower the thermostat when we're not home or at night, buy local foods (that are by far 10 times more fresh), will buy a hybrid as my next car (scratch that, I plan to use public transport), and it's not enough. And I want to do more.

Because of Earth's make up and history, it's disheartening to see this city as the mecca of gas guzzling SUVs with suburban sprawl. Trying to find grass roots organizations here is a daunting task, but I will continue my efforts. And I declare I've seen many go green bumper stickers, unfortunately not enough. The SUVs, the sprawl, the ignorance and all the other factors make the efforts ten times worse. And this is why I am suggesting a bigger, louder voice to inspire to do more. I wish the green democrats would speak up more. Disorganization in our party isn't really helping either however that's a topic for another time.

How are the Republicans raising money and rallying for conservative driven issues? Do they really have better organizational abilities than we do? Is that all it is? Please tell me it is, and that would make it so much simpler.

Let's do something together as a society and change our future for the better.

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