Wednesday, February 21, 2007

and we're back!

Back in the routine of the daily grind. We had the best time in India. The food, the shopping, the family, the chaos, the traffic are just to name a few, all phenomenal. It's what makes India India and I loved every bit of it.

It's been a few weeks since our return but we've been busy and back logged with work, errands, cleaning the house and everything that happens after a long vacation. The weather in this neck of the woods has been cold, snowy and gloomy since our return. We had 6+ inches of snow with freezing rain last week which called for days off from work. 'twas wonderful!

Shopping in India was ggggreeatt. I bought a lot of things for my kitchen, hand sewn curtains for all the windows in our house, some clothes and even shoes! I used to not care for shoes from India but this time around I went crazy.

After returning we've entertained and been entertained. It's great to catch up with friends after being away for weeks. This is also a way to escape the lonelyness at the house; while in India at any given time we had at least 10 people in the hosue and these days it's just the husband and I.

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