Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture Post- December Vacation

In December when the crazy cold came to visit the Midwest, the husband and I went on a week long vacation to the beach. It was exactly what we expected and then some. I highly recommend this trip for anyone that's looking for a relaxed vacation on the beach with a book and a mai tai. Having a wonderful partner in crime for all of it is just a bonus.

Clockwise from top: Off the beaten path Jerk Shack in Ocho Rios, Jerk Shack between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Jerk Chicken with rice and peas and cabbbage slaw, jerk chicken preparation. (the green leaves that are hanging above are allspice (Jamaican Pimenton) leaves)

Clockwise from top: Ackee and Saltfish (This is the National dish of Jamaica, Saltfish is generally made from cod) with callaloo, breadfruit and potato hash in the background, cabbage with callaloo (local green vegetable) and locally made sausage, menu at a local jerk shack, local fruits that includes custard apple with green leaves and a melon of some sort

Clockwise from top: Callaloo and feta filled spring roll, oxtail stew with vegetables, rice and peas and locally caught halibut with vegetables, rice and peas.

Clockwise from top: Columbus Park, Dunns River Falls, view from our room

Ya mon


Anonymous said...

lovely photos! Makes you kinda wish it was summer already!

cookiecrumb said...

Red Stripe!
I am so jealous of your food vacation.

Allison Johnson said...

Gorgeous pictures! I think we could all use a little Red Stripe and a beach right now.

Avani said...

oh, i wish that were me with the red stripe in hand and sand under my feet :)

liberal foodie said...

If you've never been, put it on a list to visit. It's worth it.

Speaking of a red stripe, I am stopping in the local gas station during lunch. As long as I can walk in a straight line I should be okay to come back to work.