Thursday, November 13, 2008

impromptu lunch- updated

I am looking for suggestions for today's lunch. A coworker is taking couple of us out and I can't decide. My only requests are it be a locally, independently owned restaurant, reasonably priced, >$10/lunch and has good parking because she hates parallel parking. Imagine all those wonderful places she hasn’t tried because they had parallel parking.

Something along the lines of courtyard on the main; I've already been to courtyard so I want to try something else.


We ended up at Washington Platform on Elm Street. I didn't know they served lunch or else I would have tried them a lot sooner. The coworker that drove recommended it. While it has a relaxed, bar feel to it, the service and food is anything but that. I ordered a mandarin chicken salad, the other individuals chose Elm Street Club and Court Street Club with fries. The presentation of my salad was of a Chef's salad with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers on one side, olives on the other and the chicken salad piled high on top of lettuce. The chicken salad was crunchy, sweet and meaty all at once; it was really good, different but good. The twist on theirs was the finely chopped walnuts and small diced mandarins. I expected a mixed salad with slices of mandarin oranges but this was much better. Our server was fantastic- she refilled our waters on que and was very friendly. I tried a fry and didn't care for them because they had a bad after taste, somewhat like the fries from a fast food joint. However the coworker that ordered them liked and raved about them. They also enjoyed their clubs. Washington Platform wasn't on my radar for lunch but now that I know they have good service and great food, I'll stop by for a quick meal.


Mallika said...

You're back? Woo hoo!

liberal foodie said...

thanks! :) glad to be here

Anonymous said...

next time - try Tan Thai. My absolute fave downtown, not just my favorite asian. On Court street near the Kroger building