Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nectar for Brunch

Couple weekends ago, some friends and I went to Nectar for brunch. Here's Liz's review on the place when we were there.

I agree with Liz’s review; the food was great but service and ambiance needs improvement.

I ordered a vegetarian asparagus frittata. It came with potatoes and fruit. Because I am always crazy for potatoes, I was happy they were one of the sides. The frittata was perfectly done and so were the potatoes. It's easy to over-cook a frittata if left in the oven too long, which causes it to become very dry. I've even had an undercooked frittata and that wasn't a pleasant experience. However at Nectar, they perfected the frittata. In addition to being done right, it had plenty of asparagus for the texture and flavor. We all also shared a French toast. I usually don’t opt to get French toast on my own but when Emma suggested sharing, I agreed. After the first bite, I was a little disappointed I didn’t order it on my own. The frittata was savoury and tasty while the French toast was sweet and heavenly.

Even though most of us were happy with our dishes, I was surprised by their limited brunch options. Since Nectar is one of the few restaurants that sources most of their food locally, I expected more vegetarian friendly dishes, or at least poultry dishes.

I will revisit Nectar for the food, and maybe by then the service is improved. And if they’re up for it, Liz, the other ladies and I can go back together.


Amber said...

I have not been to Nectar before and here is the reason: There are no prices are their online menu! From prices I can usual decide how casual or fancy a place is and whether I need to bring my lunch to work for a week to justify going. I am curious though because I love mt lookout square.

liberal foodie said...

Cin Twin, Nectar is definitely worth the trip, once. And if you have a better experience than we did, a second visit. I highly recommend the frittata and french toast.

I agree, when prices aren't listed, you don't know what to expect. The brunch is averagely priced.

Anonymous said...

She is a great chef but not a front of the house person, last time I was there the place seemed stark.

liberal foodie said...

I agree. She seemed real busy and on top of her game in the kitchen, not so much in the front end.

I've been thinking recently and have come to the realization- maybe Nectar's chef is really into the slow food movement. The movement emphasizes eating local (growing vegetables and fruits in the back yard or close to home), ensuring fair treatment of animals and precise and slow food preparation.