Saturday, January 28, 2006

Liberal Foodie

The Background
I was raised in both India and the US. Growing up, my mom despised cooking. It was something expected of her, never a source of joy. For most, a mom in the kitchen full time would conjure up fond memories of delicious smells and big dinners and family secrets. I didn't learn a thing about boiling rice or spice combinations or those miraculous ingredients that make a generic recipe a family heirloom.

Horrible cafeteria food, ramen noodles and TV dinners during my first year of college inspired me to try my hand at cooking… and I have been hooked ever since. My passion is to cook and share the results with those around me. I am delighted most while cooking in my kitchen or even just thinking about food. My dream is to be the head cook at my very own restaurant in a culturally and gastronomically diverse city.

The Blog
This is a way to record recipes I've tested from places of inspiration including cookbooks, family recipes I've scored from various Aunties, the Internets and anything in between. These recipes will become the foundation of a future (and probably award-winning) establishment that will allow me to share my passion with others. Here is where you, my dear and loyal reader, come in - I need your suggestions and feedback! If something looks gross or you adore any of the recipes you see here, please email me ( or leave comments. If you have family secrets to give a dish the oomph factor, please share those as well.

The Name
Liberal Foodie comes from various areas of my life. One of which is in cooking; I use recipes as a guide to my dishes and liberally add ingredients based on smell, looks and taste. Indians rarely cook food by measuring. And that's how I quickly learned I can't be a baker. Foodie, because I am a lover of all things food. May it be cooking favorite recipes at home, eating at local restaurants, testing kitchen gadgets or buying plateware and serving-dishes for food presentations.

And Everything Else
I am an advocate for eating local. I actively support 'mom and pop joints' and believe they deserve a fighting chance; as such you will also find restaurant reviews on here from my hardworking neighbors.

Splashed in with the food blogging, I may rant or rave about my personal life which includes the husband, a house in suburbia, traveling, entertaining, being a corporate slave, family and friends. We all know kitchens are about more than just food. Like the warmest room in my house, this blog will be a place for consumption, experimentation, commiseration, and celebration. Welcome.

Oooh, I love garlic and use it in most of my cooking, enjoy sushi and curse like a sailor.