Friday, April 20, 2007

Presto Pasta Night

The husband and I have craved homemade lasagna for months. And every time we go to Italian restaurant lasagna is either their best/top dish or a special on the menu. Unfortunately since we don't eat beef or pork, we couldn't have the all around favorite Italian pasta dish. After the last time that happened, we agreed to make it at home. When we were younger my mom made lasagna couple times. I know she fiddled with variety of recipes to make her own. I liked hers a lot but couldn't remember how she made it. Really, all it took was a phone call to ask but I was determined to make my own lasagna.

I can proudly say I made lasagna from scratch for the first time. (I didn't make the pasta though that'd be great) I followed directions on the back of the Barilla box. I won't post the recipe because Barilla sells pasta almost everywhere and the recipe is probably on their website. If you desperately want a recipe, email me and I'll send it over. However I don't think it's worth the time and effort to follow their recipe. (No offense to any of you that follow the recipe and enjoy it.)

It was too bland for my taste. Maybe I'm used to eating my mom's that included all kinds of spices and ingredients or maybe I am not used to having salt and pepper as the only seasonings in my food. I like my dishes to have oomph and this one didn't have it.

Also, I didn't think it was as fabulous as I had hoped because of the amount of time and energy it required for an okay result. I don't mind slaving over in the kitchen for hours (I grew up watching my mom make Indian food daily) using lots of ingredients but only if their is payoff.

Overall, the lasagna was edible but certainly not exceptional. This means I am on a lookout for a great turkey lasagna recipe. If any of you have suggestions or recipes, please feel free to share.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm submitting this for Presto Pasta Night hosted by Ruth. I am making myself feel better by saying, it obviously wasn't that bad since I put in the effort to assemble, eat, and freeze it all. In couple weeks, I'm hoping to defrost it, add some seasonings and herbs for my kicked up version.

This coming fall I am hoping to try again, thoroughly researching recipes and blogs before round due (two in italian).


Ruth Daniels said...

Sorry it didn't come out quite the way you wanted. I always use those kinds of recipes as a starting off point. Next time you know to add some red chili pepper flakes and whatever else you love and you'll be a star.

Thanks for sharing for Presto Pasta Nights.

Katie said...

I make a great salmon lasagne - the recipe is on my website. If you're interested let me know and I'll send you the link.
Salt and pepper as the only seasoning!?! I rarely use either.
How boring!

sher said...

Good Lord! You are really cooking up some fabulous pasta lately!!!! Yummmm!

Charise said...

That's the link to a turkey lasagna I make sometimes. I mix it up - I definitely like adding cayenne pepper and oregano or italian seasoning; sometimes I reduce some red wine into the sauce for more depth of flavor or add some pureed roasted red peppers.

liberal foodie said...

To all, thanks for the support and recipes. I'll definitely plan on taking a new route for the lasagna. Whatever it may be, I'll let you know!