Tuesday, March 27, 2007

but what about the comments?

test two because my comments link is missing for the last post. dangit! I should just sit at home, cook, learn html, eat, make my blog pretty and cook some more.


Katie said...

Don't you hate it when that happens!?!?!
Your satay looks really, really good. I vote for more peanut butter, too. I actually didn't know one could use too much...

Charise said...

OK, glad it wasn't just me being dumb and not being able to figure out where to click to post a comment!

Glad you found inspiration in that recipe too ... isn't it just the easiest thing to throw together? I'm actually making it for dinner again tonight.

liberal foodie said...

If either of you or anyone for that matter knows how to get my comments running on the previous post, I am open to suggestions.

Katie- I agree, the more peanut butter, the better.

Charise- I love the recipe, it'll be a favorite for a long time.