Sunday, July 09, 2006

enjoying myself....

These past few weeks have been somewhat crazy. The ups and a sudden down haven't helped but my friends certainly have been very supportive and fun. E & I have been going to the gym regularly in the past couple weeks. I am proud us.

Recently I've been cooking food I didn't have the time or energy to make on work night. Here's my chai (Indian tea) and corncake brunch.

This is how street vendors serve chai in India. It is believed that street vendors make the best chai. And they serve it in glasses one half - three quarter full. Working people often take afternoon chai breaks. It made me think of home and India's charm. Other than chai, there is always some kind of delicious food found on the streets. A good way to tell is to look at the lines/number of people at the stands. I got the corncake recipe from
Domestic Goddess. She suggests adding red pepper flakes, I think the flakes enriched the taste. Instead of hot sauce or syrup, I added the cilantro chutney for taste and dipping. I am a dipper. haha

Thereafter on Saturday, E & D came over for an Indian dinner. I'll have to get some pictures from E to post on here. We chose Indian theme because E wanted to learn a good chicken curry recipe. It was tasty. Along with chicken curry, E made the Samosa filling and the dough at home. Finally, I made Mango Lassi for dessert. (a drink made from mango, milk, yoghurt, and sugar) After dinner, we played spades. Ladies vs. Men. Unfortunately with a very close finish, the men beat us by 15 points.

Since then I've applied to few positions and have gotten couple calls for interviews. I had an interview with a company downtown so I hope that comes through. I also applied to EES and am praying for a call. That position is exactly what I want to do in my professional career.

This past Sunday, I dropped the husband off at the airport. He left to go to a conference in Charlottesville, VA for a week. It was exciting when he first told me because that's where I grew up. It's home. When my family and I were there it was a midsize college town, rated one of the best- because it is; especially in the fall. It's my first time being alone in the house. The first couple nights it was weird but I am okay now. Thankfully I've met up with E, D and plan to meet with A so the week will go by in no time.

One evening, I made chicken florentine with spaghetti and tomato cream sauce.

The filling was made from sauted shallots, garlic, spinach, dried oregano, feta, salt & pepper. After pounding out chicken, I stuffed it with the filling. As you can see; it wasn't wrapped as well as it should have but I didn't mind it. The tomato cream sauce is made from a bechamel sauce- cook butter & flour on med- low heat until the mixture starts to smell nutty. After the flour cooks, I added half & half and broth stirring constantly for a lighter sauce. You can add any one of these or combination of any two; heavy cream, broth, half & half, whole milk. Overall, it was really good however I would make a different sauce with the pasta. There were a lot of great flavors but unfortunately they were all overbearing. The cream sauce would be excellent as a stand alone and same with the stuffed chicken.

Since these are my days to treat myself, I also made a mocha frappuccino. I used instant coffee powder with hot water, milk, sugar & ice. I blended all of it together and served it with dark chocolate. The only change I'd make is add more milk for a creamier taste.

Yesterday, I thought long and hard about something; staying at home isn't feasible for me. I have to be out and about, meet people, do something with my life. From that thought I searched volunteer opportunities and came across dress for success. It's a non profit organization that helps women get back in the work force. Coaches women on dressing professionally for interviews and pushes them to secure an interview as well as a job. The woman I spoke with told me I could come in Monday to discuss different positions. If that goes well, I'll be happy to be doing something with myself. I am starting to get bored and TV isn't as entertaining anymore. I'll know for sure next week.

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Erin B said...

tasty. share some of that chai with me next time. :-P