Wednesday, March 22, 2006

my birthday present from him

My wonderful husband bought me tickets to go see Coldplay for my birthday. He really took the time to plan for this one. We left at 2 on Monday, 3/20, and reached A's house for a break and dinner. We ate at Cafe 56 and headed to the Arena at 7:30. As the security walked us to our seats, I was screaming, hugging, kissing, and jumping up and down because we were 15 rows from the stage. I was going to be that much closer to Chris serenading to me. When we arrived Richard Ashcroft, he’s famous for Sweet Symphony, was performing. Funny guy, made jokes about how the president was visiting Cleveland and screwed with his plan. (and I screamed, BUSH SUCKS, as he does!! Mind you, if given the opportunity to bash the president, I am there!) Ashcroft was on for 45 minutes and thereafter Coldplay crew set up the stage. I don't think I've ever been so excited to hear Coldplay. When the music started, everyone cheered, screamed, jumped up and down, myself included. Towards the end of ‘til kingdom come, he dedicated the song to Johnny Cash because they were supposed to have a duet together before his passing. After the dedication he said “I wrote ‘til kingdom come for Johnny Cash, as June wrote this for him” and sang part of Ring of fire. Everyone was surprised and impressed at how well he sang it.

Overall, the show was worth seeing. They write and play great music and of course Chris Martin is a good looking man. After seeing them live last year at HFStival, I knew I would make it a point to see them again, live. Words will never describe how thankful I am to the husband for a wonderful gift.

With the overwhelming love he shows me, this is nothing for him, but means the world to me. Thanks, I love you!

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